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Cleanroom Consultants, Cleanetics has been consulting on cleanroom projects for decades. Our specialty is working closely with the architects and GC to ensure your project is completed to federal and state standards. Staying up to date on the latest regulations, Cleanetics knows what your cleanroom project needs to be compliant and certified. Our first step is to identify the processes of your facility, the quantity of production, and access that is acceptable and or/needs restrictions. The next phase of the project is to identify the location of the cleanroom, determine the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC tie ins that will be needed to complete the project. At this point, it is the co-ordination of the construction and bringing in our specialty certified PVC welders to complete the lamination of your cleanroom walls. All items for cleanroom fit up will be custom built to meet your facilities needs-material pass throughs, material transfer carts, laminated workstations, etc… The last phase of the cleanroom project will be the certification. Cleanetics will guarantee your room will meet the ISO standards required to meet your regulations.

Cleanetics, a leader in cleanroom consulting, design-engineering and construction, servicing clients in the Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, and Aerospace industries and has effectively constructed classified facilities for R&D, food & beverage, contract manufacturers, and OEM providers.  Cleanetics assess your facilities production and determines the cleanroom requirements that are needed to meet your regulations. Cleanetics understands regulatory compliance and can accommodate your cleanroom requirements.Don’t just trust anyone to design or build your cleanroom.  Trust Cleanetics-a global leader in cleanroom design, build, and technology for the Sciences

From big pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, to the growing list of bio-tech upstarts or the compounding suites in community hospitals in accordance with USP <797>, USP <800> and 503b, Cleanetics cleanroom services have developed a volume of products and services that aid its clientele in reducing the risk of contamination by designing environments that create the ideal state for sterile production—that is, exposed surface materials and finishes which are easy to clean.  Facilities that require ergonomic work flows to increase productivity and performance. Cleanetics will provide your establishment with a cleanroom that meets and exceeds state and FDA regulations.

Cleanetics and its network of leading architects, engineers, facilities, planners, and specialized installers are at the forefront of cleanroom services: design, effectively building “turn-key” aseptic, cleanroom environments and completing projects that require renovating existing spaces to create their cleanroom space. Cleanetics specializes in assessing existing spaces, designing cleanrooms to fit the location, and building the cleanroom to meet the USP and FDA mandates.

Cleanroom Services

  • Cleanroom Products Manufacturer
  • Cleanroom Construction Materials
  • Turnkey Cleanroom Design/Build
  • Clean Room Design
  • Clean Room Construction
  • Clean Room Certification
  • Cleanroom Consulting
  • Clean Room Engineering
  • Clean Room Maintenance
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Cleanroom Project Management
  • Cleanroom Training
  • Viable and Non-Viable Testing

Construction Supply

  • Cleanroom Ceiling

  • Cleanroom Light Fixtures

  • Cleanroom Doors

  • Cleanroom Wall Panels

  • Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

  • Cleanroom Furniture

Industries Served

  • Aerospace,Biotech
  • cGMP Bioproduction Suites‎
  • CMM Rooms
  • FDA Cleanrooms
  • Medical Device Cleanrooms
  • Microelectronics Cleanrooms
  • Nanotechnology Cleanrooms
  • Optics Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Cleanetics – Company Locations

Corporate Office


6850 N Haggerty Rd,
Canton, MI 48187, USA


Manufacturing Warehouse


110 5th Street,
West Elizabeth, PA 15088


From the Cleanroom Blog

Cracking the Mysteries of Eggshell Nanostructure

Cracking eggshell nanostructure How is it that fertilized chicken eggs manage to resist fracture from the outside, while at the same time, are weak enough to break from the inside during chick hatching? It’s all in the eggshell nanostructure, according to a new study...

Liquid Biopsy New Technology, Like finding a needle in a haystack

U of T researchers develop liquid biopsy technology for prostate cancer Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a new technology for a liquid biopsy to identify which patients might not respond to standard therapy for prostate cancer before it is...

Kenall Cleanroom Luminaires

For over 25 years, Kenall has developed industry-leading expertise in Sealed Enclosure lighting. Our SimpleSeal™ luminaires are designed to maintain the particulate and contaminate requirements of cleanroom and containment areas, while being easy to install and inexpensive to maintain.

New Satellite developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory

New ORS-5 SensorSat satellite developed at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory is fulfilling a critical need for situational awareness in space. On August 26th, a Minotaur rocket was launched hosting a satellite that was developed by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The satellite was launched into low Earth orbit on behalf of the U.S. Air Force’s Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Office.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Development

The Center for Medical Device Development can be described as an “engineering studio,” the rapid prototyping facility provides the tools and technology to take product concepts and ideas and turn them into real life prototypes that might eventually be developed as “go-to-market” products.

New Micro Electronics Clean Room

Local and state governments invest about $100 million to build a micro-electronics clean room facility at the BRIDG center for advanced manufacturing research near Kissimmee, Florida. The facility is equipped with etchers, lasers, cleaners and printers for the manufacturing of semiconductors from silicon wafers. The new micro-electronics clean room facility will bring a new wave of high paying jobs to the local economy and will pave the road for future innovation in the semiconductor industry for Kissimmee, Florida.

Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility is an ISO Class 5 cleanroom that specializes in advanced lithographic processing of hard and soft materials. The PNF is located in the new Eckhardt Research Center at the University of Chicago. We’re open to all properly trained users through a recharge arrangement.

Luer Connectors Manufacturing

Oxfordshire-based injection moulding group White Horse Plastics is extending its reach into the med-tech sector with the tooling and manufacture of luer connectors.

Pascal Medical Device Production Facility

Pascal Medical, who has purchased and installed twelve Husky systems to create a state-of-the-art medical device production facility in Dubna, Russia, with the goal of creating an industry-leading manufacturing organization, capable of replacing foreign-import medical products with premium quality domestic production.

Germ Killing Robots Use UV radiation Killing Microorganisms

Germ-killing robots are being enlisted to further safeguard Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) patients from health care-associated infections. The robots will be deployed in selected inpatient areas, starting this month with the burn unit at Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital.

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