Kenall Cleanroom Luminaires

Kenall Introduces Two New SimpleSeal™ Cleanroom Luminaires

New luminaires simplify ceiling design in cleanrooms and containment areas

Kenall Manufacturing

Kenall Manufacturing

(Kenosha, Wisconsin, February 12, 2017) – In order to better accommodate the often complicated ceiling designs of cleanrooms and containment spaces, Kenall is now offering two new SimpleSeal LED luminaires. The CSEPO Series is designed to provide service access to the plenum via the luminaire, and the CSETO Series is a top-access luminaire family that permits service to be done outside the cleanroom/containment area.

The new SimpleSeal CSEPO plenum access series is the first sealed plenum-access LED luminaire available on the market. It creates a doorway into your hard ceiling, allowing service personnel access wherever a luminaire is installed. The CSEPO series simplifies ceiling layout, prevents the disruption caused by removing a fixture, and permits a quick return to the full function of the cleanroom. It is IP-66 rated and has a wide lumen range (5,777 – 11,903lm) for a variety of lighting applications.

The new SimpleSeal CSETO series fixture’s top access feature means service personnel can service lighting without entering the cleanroom, protecting sensitive environments. This series uses an overlapping doorframe system to provide certified IP66 dust and water resistance and is built to resist damage from accidental foot traffic. This series also has a broad range of delivered lumens, ranging from 5,876 to 25,427 lm.

Tim Stevens, Product Manager for Kenall, says the company is excited about the new additions: “Kenall’s SimpleSeal™ family is known for its reliability and safety, but these two new fixtures provide the added flexibility and serviceability that these specialized spaces demand, especially where there is a lot of equipment concentrated in the ceiling.”

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About Kenall

Providing Intelligent Lighting Solutions for Challenging Environments

Founded in 1963 by Ken Hawkins, Kenall Manufacturing carved a niche within the industry by creating the first impact- and vandal-resistant lighting products, and continues that mission today by providing intelligent, durable and sustainable solutions to complex lighting problems. As the company’s second generation CEO & Chairman, Jim Hawkins has expanded the company’s vision to include sealed LED lighting for containment or clean spaces; high abuse lighting for public access areas; correctional, healthcare and transportation lighting; with the exciting additions of Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection and TekLink lighting controls.

Kenall Manufacturing

Kenall Manufacturing

Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kenall’s manufacturing facility is vertically integrated with fabrication and finishing departments and a certified UL Test Lab. A full circuit board design, testing, and assembly facility is also located within the complex. Kenall owns the proprietary tooling and patents related to our innovative designs. We have achieved a leadership position within the industry by conducting business with honesty, integrity, and fairness, while respecting and satisfying the interests and needs of our esteemed customers and associates.

As a result of our strategic vision and the dedication of our team, Kenall has emerged as one of the most respected independent lighting manufacturers in the industry. The company’s plan is to continue our growth by strengthening our leadership in existing product segments, while continuing to find new opportunities in other specialized areas of the specification-grade lighting market.

We are proud to say that Kenall products are manufactured in the USA and meet the guidelines established under the Buy American Act and the North American Free Trade Agreement. For a copy of our Certificate of Compliance, click here.

Reliably Protect People, Products and Processes

For over 25 years, Kenall has developed industry-leading expertise in Sealed Enclosure lighting. Our SimpleSeal luminaires are designed to maintain the particulate and contaminate requirements of cleanroom and containment areas, while being easy to install and inexpensive to maintain. Whether your project requires luminaires that can withstand rigorous cleaning protocols or corrosive conditions, maintain critical environmental barriers, or illuminate surgical suites or research areas without interfering with sensitive equipment, you can trust Kenall to reliably protect people, products and processes. After all, we’ve been dedicated to your complete satisfaction for environmentally challenging and critical applications for over 50 years.

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