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Kraft Cleanroom Services

Kraft Cleanroom Services

Kraft Cleanroom Services has 40+ years experience of certifying, auditing and troubleshooting cleanrooms. Kraft Cleanroom Services can assist you in the design and construction of your cleanroom project with:

  • Consulting during the contemplation and design stages.
  • Provision of a “Build Clean Construction Methodology” program for the construction phases of your cleanroom.
  • Training of cleanroom construction personnel on “Build Clean” protocol.

Once in Operation, we can assist you with:

  • Training of your Operational/Maintenance personnel on proper cleanroom protocol/disciplines.
  • Establishment of  Housekeeping Procedures.
  • Establishment of On-going Monitoring Programs.
  • HEPA Filter Life Expectancy Monitoring Program
  • SOP Development and/or Review.

New and/or Existing Cleanroom Facilities

  • Kraft Cleanroom Services provides 3rd party ISO 17025 Accredited cleanroom certification to current industry guidelines and recommended practices in either “As-Built” – “At-Rest” – “Operational” mode of operation as well as the Test/Certification of Laminar Flow Devices.

Cleanroom Services

  • Cleanroom Certification and Monitoring
  • Cleanroom Performance Audits
  • Benchmarks of Non Cleanroom Facilities
  • Contamination Control Investigations
  • Airflow Virtualization Studies

Cleanroom Services

  • Precision Cleanroom Cleaning
  • SOP/Protocol Development and Implementation
  • Contemplating a Cleanroom?
  • Consulting for Clean Manufacturing
  • Clean Room Classifications
  • 3rd Party HELMKE DRUM Testing

Cleanroom Services

  • Cleanroom Training
  • Cleanroom Project Management
  • Cleanroom Consulting
  • Clean Room Certification

Kraft Cleanroom Services – Company Location

129 Shorecliff Dr. 
Rochester, NY 14612
United States of America

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